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Basic Package - £11.99

At a cost of £11.99, our Basic company formation package provides you a registered company name to start your dream company in future or to set up a dormant company.

Annual renewal costs
No items in package are to be renewed.

What is in the package?
  • Ready to Trade Company (Limited by Shares)
  • 3-Hour Online Company Formation - Subject to Companies House workload
  • Free Business Bank Account with £50 Cash back (optional)
  • Free Online Client Manager facility for your Company Formation in UK
  • Maintain Statutory Books Companies House £13 Filing Fee Included
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation via email
  • Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association via email
  • Copy of Share Certificate(s) via email

Why this Package?
This package is perfect for those who want to set up a company under budget or to those who want to reserve a name for starting a company in future. In this package, online registration of your company and complete set of documents via email is provided.
Is there any hidden costs?
Registration Fee with Companies House charges of £13.00 for a new company formation is also included in the quote. In this package, the items included do not require renewal charges.
What is a limited company?
A company has a different legal entity from its owner; owner of a limited company will be its shareholders whereas it is managed by its directors. Financial liability of shareholders/ owners is limited to the value of shares they hold. As the liability of share holders is limited, it is called limited by shares.
What’s required to form a limited company?
Online company registration is a simple process, you don’t require any document: You just need the following for completion of the registration procedure. • One director and one shareholder (the same person can hold both positions). • A registered office address. • Minimum of one share issued.
What number of shares to be issued?
• Minimum of one share is to be issued upon company formation, where as there is no upper limit to the number of shares which can be issued.
When do I get my cash back for opening a bank account?
Once the company formation procedure is completed at Companies House, your details will be forwarded to Bank. Bank representative will contact you to arrange a meeting at local branch. Your account will be opened shortly after which you can claim £50 cash back by logging into your Global Company Formation account.

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