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Premium Package - £119.99

At a cost of £119.99, this package provides everything you require for a business start up. This package offers you the products a much cheaper price when compared to the price of the same if purchased individually.

Why this Package:
You want to form a limited company together with privacy for your home address, VAT Registration, Bound Memorandum and Articles of Association, Printed Minutes of First Board Meeting, Consultancy for all legal contract and Notices and Mail forwarding services, and then this will be the best package for you. It includes everything you need to set up a limited company that is ready to trade immediately.

Annual renewal costs
Renewal fee for registered office address service is £60 and Director’s service address is £35.

What is in the package?
  • Ready to Trade Company (Limited by Shares)
  • 3-Hour Online Company Formation - Subject to Companies House workload
  • Free Business Bank Account with £50 Cash back (optional)
  • Free Online Client Manager facility for your Company formation in UK
  • Maintain Statutory Books Companies House £13 Filing Fee Included
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation via email
  • Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association via email
  • Copy of Share Certificate(s) via email
  • Copy of Company Register with First Entries via email
  • Printed Certificate of Incorporation
  • Printed Share Certificate(s)
  • Registered office address service for your company formation in UK
  • Director’s Service address service
  • Annual Return Filing
  • Bound Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Printed Minutes of First Board Meeting
  • Legal Contracts and Notices Package
  • Mail Forwarding Service
  • VAT Registration

What’s required to form a limited company?
Online company registration is a simple process, you don’t require any document: You just need the following for completion of the registration procedure.
• One director and one shareholder (the same person can hold both positions)
• A registered office address.
• Minimum of one share issued.
What number of shares to be issued?
Minimum of one share is to be issued upon company formation, where as there is no upper limit to the number of shares which can be issued.
What is a registered office?
A registered office is a company’s official address; every company requires a registered address. Registered address of a company on records will be a public data at Companies House, any person using internet can access the said data. Thus this package provides you privacy for your home address.
What is a director’s service address?
Director’s service address is the official address of a company director and each director should provide the same to the Companies House. As in the case of Registered address, the service address will also be a public data and thus many people prefer to get service address service so as to protect their privacy.
Annual Return Filing
The first Annual return of a company is to be filed within 1 month after completion of 1 year from the date of company formation. The first annual return of your company will be filed by us within the Companies House’s prescribed due date.
Why printed documents?
It is always advised that one retain hard copies of company documents Printed documents are required while. Printed documents will be helpful while applying for Business bank account or when dealing with other financial institutions.
How to open free business bank account?
Once the company formation procedure is completed at Companies House, your details will be forwarded to Bank. Bank representative will contact you to arrange a meeting at local branch. Your account will be opened shortly after the meeting, after which you can claim £50 cash back by logging into your Global Company Formation account.
Mail Forwarding Service
When you purchase this package, all mails to the company will be received in the address registered with the Companies House. All mails to your company will be forwarded to a local address in UK as per your preference. This will be of free of any charges. If you want the mail to be send anywhere outside UK, then the same will be charged according to the Postal rates.
What is Legal Contracts & Notices Package?
Legal contracts and notices is one of the highlights of this package which will save a lot of money and effort. Every business is in need of different legal agreements, contracts etc which will be complicated and time consuming: but then they are important and necessary documents for the company and its business. This service we provide here will avoid the hassle to find a consultant and also the high rates you will have to pay them for documentation. We provide you our professional expertise for the preparation and assistance of the same.
VAT Registration
When your company’s turnover crosses the VAT Threshold limit of £83,000, the company should be VAT Registered. It is discretion of a business to register VAT Voluntarily i.e. when your turnover is below £83,000 and will not exceed the said limit in next 12 months. Companies register voluntarily in order to get the refund or claim of VAT paid on purchases and expenses and also to add up the image of the company.

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